American Century Investments – a mutual fund company – compiled results from a survey in February, 2013 among 1054 full time employed individuals between the ages of 55 & 65 who are currently participating in their employee sponsored retirement plan.

Key Findings Were:

APS Wealth Management

  • Pre-retirees have serious regrets about their efforts to prepare for retirement, and their feelings about how much they didn’t save are the strongest.
  • Redefining affordability is critical as people need help making better spending choices to find ways to save.
  • Plan sponsor decisions around design features and available services are influential and can help people save successfully.

Expressing Regret:

  • 82% AGREE– “I wish I could talk to the younger me and tell myself to save more than I did.”
  • 76% AGREE – “When I was young, I underestimated how much I should be saving for retirement.”
  • 57% AGREE – “Not saving enough was one of the biggest mistakes I made in life.”

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